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White Ceramic Dish - Tillandsia Butzii and Ionantha Rubra

 White Ceramic Dish - Tillandsia Butzii and Ionantha Rubra

The white ceramic dish display contains a setting of two Tillandsia air plants in a bed of pebbles and is an ideal gift or feature decoration, the display can be further enhanced with additional plants or coloured stones.

The dish measures L:15cm x W:6cm x H:6cm.

The Butzii air plant is stemless with inflorescence and leaves up to 30cm long. The inflated base of the bulb is speckled dark brown and green. The flower is blue, forming a perpendicular tube 3 - 3.5 cm long and surpassed by the stamens. This species grows well in conditions of medium to low light combined with frequent watering.

Ionantha Rubra
The Ionantha Rubra species is a small variety and the leaves form a dense rosette, which opens up slightly. The leaves are greener than Ionantha Ionantha and softer, consequently, they are more delicate. The leaves turn pink at the tips. Average adult plant is about 8 - 10 cm. The petals are violet. It likes bright, sunny position with moderate damp.

Price: 12.99