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Stainless Steel Cup & Saucer Setting - Tillandsia Filifolia

Stainless Steel Cup & Saucer Setting - Tillandsia Filifolia

The setting contains a stainless steel cup and saucer and Tillandsia air plant in a bed of aptly coloured sand and is an ideal gift or feature decoration. The cup and saucer measure 6cm high, the saucer is 11cm across and the cup is 6cm across. The air plant selection may vary with size and availability, alternative air plants may be ordered on request depending on availability.

The Filifolia air plant has its name due to the thin, numerous thread-like leaf blades and bulb like formation. The blades are fern green with grape violet to castaneous sheaths that are frosted with small, widely dispersed trichomes. The inflorescence is bipinnate with many slender, suberect to spreading spikes. The petals are spreading and aster violet. It is a popular species among collectors. It thrives with other plants close by to add humidity. It likes medium to low light and requires moderate humidity.

Price: 14.99